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Children's Engineering Workshops
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CEE provides training workshops for public and private schools, home schooling associations, and public and private organizations.

CEE can plan a series of workshops to help you implement Children's Engineering in your educational setting, scheduling workshops to meet your needs.


  • Explore the meaning of technology.
  • Integrate technology education into existing curriculum.
  • Provide experience with hands-on designing, building, and problem solving activities.
  • Investigate the design loop as a problem solving process.
  • Include take home materials to help participants integrate children's engineering into their educational setting.
  • Support local, state, and national core curriculum standards.
  • Support the Standards for Technological Literacy.

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Children's Engineering Educators
provided facilitators include experienced classroom teachers and Adjunct Instructors for James Madison University. 
Contact CEE for information about holding children's engineering workshops in your school or school division.


Workshops are tailored to your needs!

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