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Children's Engineering: A Handbook for Elementary Educators

Children's Engineering: Beyond the Basics

Children's Engineering: Technology DESIGN LOOP POSTER

Everyday STEM - A Children's Engineering Professional Development Series

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Highlighting the T & E in STEM Education 

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Available Exclusively from PITSCO Education...


Children's Engineering:
A Handbook for Elementary Educators

Written by elementary teachers, this guide helps you include basic engineering concepts in the elementary classroom. It describes the benefits of teaching engineering, suggests how to implement engineering for younger students, and details the design process. Includes detailed teacher procedures, reproducible student pages, and national standards addressed.
Scroll down to see what educators are saying about this resource book!

by Ginger Whiting & Marcia Hickey

Children's Engineering: Beyond the Basics

A follow-up to Children’s Engineering: A Handbook for Elementary Educators, this guide helps elementary educators recognize the technology already in their curriculum and introduces Standards for Technological Literacy (ITEEA 2000/2002/2007) including K-5 Benchmarks. Plus, it includes 12 ready-to-use activities that can tie in across the curriculum .

Technology All Around Us
The Nature of Technology
Technology & Society
The Designed World

Integrated Lessons
Everyday Connections

Ready to Use Activities
Applied Knowledge
Critical & Creative Thinking
Hands-on Learning

by Ginger Whiting & Marcia Hickey

Children's Engineering:
Technology Design Loop Poster

A great compliment to the Children’s Engineering books above, this laminated poster brings the five-step Technology Design Loop used in both books into full view for your students.

This design loop was used as the basis for all of the activities and guided portfolios in Virginia's state guide Children's Engineering: A Teacher Resource Guide for Design and Technology in Grades K-5. The same design loop appears in Peter Sellwood's Schools Planet Publications Let's Make It Work.

Everyday STEM -
A Children's Engineering Professional Development Series for K-5 Educators

Everyday STEM is a series of professional development units. These units bring you rock-solid methodologies based on classroom experience for integrating STEM into your classroom every day!This is not a set of lessons with a box of stuff. Everyday STEM is a professional development program that integrates STEM into all aspects of classroom learning. STEM concepts and principles are inherent in everyday life – Everyday STEM helps teachers bring them to light!

Unlike programs that require large investments of classroom time (not to mention $$$), Everyday STEM teaches teachers how to leverage what they already do every day to apply STEM concepts. It is this application of STEM that connects with students – tying everyday things to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. And when those connections are made every day, students become acclimated to thinking about the world in a STEM context.

Everyday STEM – let it help you make STEM connections every day!






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What Are Educators Saying About

Children's Engineering: A Handbook for Elementary Educators

“Elementary educators will greatly benefit by having this Children’s Engineering Handbook – an elementary educator’s guide with hands-on, problem solving activities that focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Integration. This resource can be used as a classroom reference or training guide that will certainly motivate educators and children in the design and technology elementary classroom.”

Jason Perry
CTE and Adult Education Administrator
Gloucester, Virginia

Children's Engineering:  A Handbook for Elementary Educators is a concise, easy to follow guide for understanding and implementing children's engineering in the classroom. Background and instruction is given from beginning to end on how to incorporate engineering activities into your daily curriculum. This handbook is a must for beginning engineering teachers desiring to expose students to the design process or for the seasoned teacher needing a quick refresher or idea.”

Debbie Popp
Second Grade Teacher
W. W. Gordon Elementary School
Chesterfield Public Schools, Virginia

“This book is great! Not only does it help us understand how to write and use design briefs, it shows a simple approach to Understanding By Design and provides clear, “ready to use” lessons that every K-5 teacher can implement effectively and at low cost. It is an all-in-one package!”

Jesse W. White
Hampton City Schools
CTE Curriculum Leader
Hampton, Virginia

 “As part of Henrico County Public Schools effort to implement and grow its Children’s Engineering program, 50 copies of the Children’s Engineering: A Handbook for Elementary Educators were purchased as a resource for each of our elementary schools. The handbook provides teachers and administrators with the philosophy behind Children’s Engineering, a systematic approach to implementing the program, and a variety of resources. Teachers are given examples of problem-based, hands-on learning activities that they can utilize in their classroom to address all subjects, STEM related activities, and instructions to write their own design briefs. The handbook has been an extremely valuable tool for our teachers and administrators and I believe anyone who in interested in implementing Children’s Engineering would benefit greatly from the ideas and suggestions provided in this publication.”

Bruce Watson
Educational Specialist for Pre-Engineering
Henrico County Public Schools, Virginia

Children’s Engineering – A Handbook for Elementary Educators is a comprehensive and straightforward guide to implementing STEM activities in the elementary classroom. Using engineering design as the context for learning engages kids and develops a true understanding of the content. Our teachers love the handbook because of its strong tie to children’s literature.

Mike Miller
Primary Design & Engineering Project Manager
Worthington City Schools
Worthington, Ohio


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